More Butter, please

For the first time in seven years, Counting Crows have released a seven-track album that does not let its fans down at all. Duritz’s voice is as fresh it was when we heard it in 1994. Butter Miracle, Suite One offers trilling melodies, aching lyrics, and the crooning we’ve all come to love; it also offers us a raring trumpet solo. When the brief block of music closes, it leaves you wanting more.

One of my favorite tracks on this collection is the opener, “Tall Grass” and not merely because it was the first track I heard–as that often happens with audiophiles like myself. “Tall Grass” has a movement like a great symphony, shifting time signatures and melodies and keys and growing more urgent before returning to its subdued opening refrain.

“Butter Miracle, Suite One” is a must-listen and the fact that it’s called “Suite One” suggests there will be more brilliance that awaits us. We’ve been patient before.

Be well and rock on,


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