“Today” it’s the 7th of the Top Ten Albums from 90s Alternative Rock

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream

Contary to the Halloween prank, the band chose their name in a more F. Scott Fitzgerald way:


impressive or wonderful:

a smashing display.
Many people think this was their debut, but they forget about Gish and Lull, which are equally brilliant in their own ways.  “Today” is what broke them into the mainline of 90s Alternative Rock.  For people like me, this means “really amazing, meaningful music.”  Many mistake the happy guitar tones and seemingly cheerful lyrics for a tribute to joy–yet Billy admitted he was sampling thoughts of suicide and that the song was supposed to be a paradoxical play, with biting, sardonic sentiments below.

While I like to keep songs and videos as separate art forms, I can’t help but adore the marriage of musical, artistic concepts that this video brings.  Billy acts as a frustrated, youthful ice cream truck driver who abadons his route to find—what?  Freedom?  Escape?  What he finds is wayward artists in a field which grows into an artistic painting fest outside a barn on a gorgeously sunny day.  Though the song is about jaded thoughts of suicide, the viewer/listener cannot help but feel the warm sun and light from the artistic expression this track brings.

I could write all day about the gems on Dream but I will tell you that, if for some reason your ears have never been graced with the following bits of genius, grace them today:
“Sweet, Sweet.”
I profess being an “old skool” Pumpkins fan.  I did buy all the albums after Machina but I wasn’t so crazy about any newer Pumpkins until lately.  I just picked up their latest Monuments to an Elegy and I’ll have to report back on my thoughts and feelings on it.  There were gems on the over-the-top double disc Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness but my heart remains in a Lull for Dream.
Be well and rock on,

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