Day Four: Ten of the Best 90s Alternative Rock Albums of All-Time

Temple of the Dog

I feel to go from Pearl Jam to Mother Love Bone to Temple of the Dog is best, especially since I started these posts with Soundgarden.  For those of you who do not know, Temple of the Dog was a tribute album to Andy Wood, and also the marriage of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden together.  I can’t think of a more amazing duo, and my Bucket List includes somehow seeing the two groups together in concert.  I have often said I’d wager my life’s savings (I don’t have one) if I could obtain tickets to such a happening.  But I digress…newly formed Pearl Jam (members from Mother Love Bone) and Soundgarden collaborated with two songs Cornell wrote in memory of his friend and former roommate.  Everyone knows “Hunger Strike.”  Though it still is played on the radio, I can admit that I get chills every time I hear it.  What is so amazing?  Cornell’s deep, soulful emissions mixed with Eddie’s honey-coated crooning.  The interplay of these lyrics is positively explosive.  But the album itself is so much more.  For example, the first two tracks, “Say Hello to Heaven” and “Reach Down” mourn Andy’s passing with bluesy, soulful guitar and Cornell’s sadden wailing.  This whole album is driven by an intense underlying emotion–it’s only salve is rock blues at its best.

Fun Fact:  When I first got my first CD player Christmas of 1992, my first three CDs were:  Def Leppard’s Hysteria, Mother Love Bone’s Apple, and Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood

Random fact:  My husband and I often speak to each other in musical illusions.  He often says, “I’m like Temple of the Dog.”  If you get the reference, like the post.  If you don’t, look it up! 🙂

Rock on,



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