Another from “One of the Ten Best Alternative Rock Albums of the 90s”, segment deux…ou dix?

Pearl Jam Ten

Oh no.  She’s the biggest Pearl Jam fan on the East Coast.  What can she possibly tell us about Ten, you wonder?  I love that Ten has 11 tracks, and I can’t even tell you if that was intentional.  What I can tell you is the following will not (no matter how brilliant they are) mention ANY of the releases.  This album was the genesis of my all-time favorite band EVER, so yeah, I’m biased.  But excluding the title tracks that grew their fandom, let’s take a look at ones only true fans would know, and ones, if you aren’t yet a fan, you should check out.  “Release.”  Beautiful lyrics, as though you are watching the miracle of a life coming into existence.  “I see the words on a rocking horse of time…I see the birds and the rain…” Low, humming like vocals carry this song along, finishing out the album.  It is a must-listen.  “Why Go” is another, totally different track that will make you want to dust your living room at light speed or jump up and down on your bed and pound on the walls.  I recommend it for a pissed off day or a track on your gym playlist.  “Oceans” only has two verses and was the first Pearl Jam song I ever memorized.  It felt like those eager, early days when I would learn to recite poems in elementary school.  Eddie’s near falsetto lilting vocalizations make you feel like you are a seagull soaring above those oceans to a long-awaited land.  I could go on and on about this one, but if you haven’t been inspired yet, I don’t think I can convince you otherwise.  I’ll keep trying in other posts, though.

Thanks for listening,



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