(One of) The Ten Best 90s Alternative Rock Albums

Notice how I didn’t say “The Ten Best 90s Albums”?  Yeah, because it would be impossible to do so!

These are in no particular order, because they can’t be, and as I wrote this, I realized each could be its own post, so hang with me for nine more posts…and, thanks for listening!

Today’s Featured Album:  Soundgarden Badmotorfinger

Badmotorfinger, for example, is a terrific blend of heavy and driving riffs with Cornell’s soulful voice.  One of the best bits of this work is the mastery in lyrics.  To see what I mean, check out “Face Pollution” “Jesus Christ Pose” and “A Room Ten Thousand Years Wide.”  I’ve stated in other posts that this particular album is perfect for a 45-minute workout because it exceeds the usual 30-45 minute album time.  It is time well-spent.  I have often been caught laughing to the almost sing-shouts of “holy water’s rustin’ me!!!! YEAAAAAH, yeaaaah!” while skiing along the elliptical.  If you like heavy guitars that almost feel like you’re on a funhouse rollercoaster ride, you’ll love the opener to “Jesus Christ Pose,” and if you’ve ever seen the hypocrisy in some mainline religions, you’ll also appreciate Soundgarden’s sentiments:

“And you stare at me
In your Jesus Christ pose
Arms held out like it’s
The coming of the Lord
Would it pay you more to walk on water
Then to wear a crown of thorns
It wouldn’t pain me more to bury you rich
Then to bury you poor
In your Jesus Christ pose”


I know that I’ve often caught myself–high on endorphins from sweaty exercise–laughing and communing with these rock prophets.  It’s still possible, though, to hear the oaf in the back of the gym, even over the bad pop radio beats, sounding like he’s working up a hernia.  My suggestion?  Turn up the volume and make him “Outshined.”

Be well and rock on,



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