Slice me off a piece of that…Blind Melon!

Though short-lived, due to Shannon Hoon’s tragic meeting with a heroin-induced death, Blind Melon’s first formation was a celebratory and introspective early 90s band.  Popular for their “No Rain” single with the Bee Girl in the video, Blind Melon’s albums contrast that hit at times with blue-sy, gutsy rock and roll.  Some reflections of this can be seen in their self-titled (1992) debut album in tracks such as “Tones of Home” and “Holy Man.”

In later years, the band reformed and I cannot speak of that because I wasn’t aware of the reunion until I sat to write this very post.  I can, however, say that Blind Melon was one of my all-time favorite albums in the 90s, and yes, I do still have my original copy of the CD.  So, if you are only familiar with the “No Rain” track, I suggest you slice off a bigger piece of Melon and enjoy the tasty bits of blues and soul, with a side of harmonica.

Be well and rock on,



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