10 Best Albums for the Gym

1. Soundgarden’s BadMotorFinger

2. Mother Love Bone’s Apple

3. Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood

4. Poison’s Flesh & Blood

5. A live album of your favorite band (I suggest anything by Pearl Jam, of course)

6. Metallica’s Ride the Lightning or Garage Days

7. Devin Townsend (anything from a heavy era)

8. 80s mix.  Simple Minds.  A-ha! Men at Work.  Devo.  David Bowie

9. Heavy tracks from Smashing Pumpkins

10.Dave Matthews Band or Stone Temple Pilot’s Core, whichever way you swing 🙂

My favorite of these is Soundgarden’s BadMotorFinger.  I’ve been known to burn over 500 calories, with eyes closed, on the elliptical.  Also, this album weighs in at over 45 minutes, so it’s the perfect motivator to go the distance.

Now, get moving!

Rock on and roll out,



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