Siren Song. Siren vs. Song

The goosebumps rose on my flesh.  It was the glorious “centerpiece” of U.S. Royalty’s “Equestrian” blaring for the second time in my Toyota as I sailed to work on this hot July afternoon.  It’s the part where you find yourself almost shouting, “I come down from the mountain!  I come down from the moun-t-aaaain!  Oooh, ooh, ooooooh.”  It was then that I realized, being a normal non-music-blarer, that I wouldn’t, in fact, hear a siren wailing anywhere near me over the heavy guitar and vocals. 

“Oh well,” I thought.  “I’ll turn it down after this is over.”  I hit “RANDOM” and the song happened to play again.  “Just one more time…” I thought before shout-singing along with the vocals that cause semi-permanent gooseflesh. 

So, what I would like to know is:

1)  If you haven’t checked out U.S. Royalty, WHY NOT?!!!!

2)  Is there a song that makes you behave like I did today?  Do share.

And I won’t leave you hangin’ on “the mountain.”  Enjoy:

Be well and rock on,



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