Old Gold

No, I don’t mean to be an advertisement for some gold-buying company. You’ve heard enough of those, I’m sure.

Finding my old and almost unworkable VHS titled, in my 12-year-old scrawl “ROCK VIDEOS” was like finding gold.  Just three hours earlier, a colleague, friend and fellow music fanatic and I were discussing Danzig’s “Mother.”  That night, leafing through old rock treasures, I found and popped in the VHS tape.  No sound, but what do you know?  Danzig’s “Mother” was the first thing to come on, in the middle of the tape.  The tape then started jumping.  No luck with any sound or real “watchability” but it was nostalgic, nonetheless.  It had apparently been an old taping of an old Headbanger’s Ball show.  There was a lanky, 1990s Layne Staley interview.  No sound again.  It haunted me to see him there, in his full array of awesomeness, clad in over-sized sunglasses. 

So what?  We have Youtube now, you might say.  But there is some different quality to something like that…mixed cassette tapes, old VHSes.  It is, to me, as endearing as perusing old photographs from childhood. 

To my rock friend, I said, “You know, I never understood why I liked Danzig so much.  I was a 13-year-old girl and he was singing this bad-ass song about defying parents and, well, probably taking advantage of their daughter(s).”  Nevertheless, we both agreed that the power and tone quality of Glen Danzig’s pipes was enthralling.  Most girls my age were still playing with Barbies.  Me?  Well, I was watching Headbanger’s Ball with my brother. 

What can I say?  Rock ‘n roll is here to stay, even if VHS isn’t.

Be well and rock on,



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