Mother Love…

Albums that I have that I have memorized in their entirety:
Mother Love Bone’s Apple

I’m sure there are more, but today I’m going to talk about this one. You need to do one very important thing as soon as possible: buy this album. Yes, it’s a band that is no longer in existence. Yes, you might even have trouble trying to find it. But it is worth every nanosecond of sound and silence within itself.

This is an album that can turn a really bad week into a “Wow, I can’t wait to get back to my car for the commute home so I can bang on the steering wheel and dance like Andy as the passerbys gawk at me.” I love this album so much, in fact, that I used it in my graduate school entrance essay.

Apple is an album that is always in my CD sleeve for any trip farther away than the grocery store. It is a road trip must, a bad week solution, and, besides all of that, it is freakin’ brilliant. Here’s a gem: Man of Golden Words. I want to believe that if every human being who understood English listened to this song, the world would be a better place just because they heard it. (Please check it out below…)

The late Andrew (Andy) Wood was the spirit of music. Tracks like “Holy Roller” will have you testifying to the magnitude of music. You might find yourself singing along with him, “Love rock awaits you people! Low and behold, low and behold!”

This is a good album to clean your house to, to be at the gym with or even dance around the kitchen with while you’re making fajitas or something. It is naturally a feel-good album. Now I want some chicken fajitas. Andy Wood imprinted his wild love of music on me like something I don’t even have an appropriate metaphor for at the moment. Whaddya think of them apples?

Well, I hope you’ll agree with me and check out the album Apple, at least. But first, tell me…what’s your go-to album that you have memorized? Your instant pick-me-up?

Be well and rock on,



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