There are some people who love music. There are music fanatics. There are (shudder) people who DON’T listen to music.

Then, there are people like me, who live their lives as if it were their own personal musical. There probably is, or should be, some kind of psychological classification for us. I’m hoping it can’t just be me. By musical, I mean life IS a musical for us. A few words in harmless conversation can be triggers to sing a chorus or two before the conversation proceeds. If we’re lucky enough (and haven’t scared off or offended the other person) they will join in with us. A few tones here and there or a few keystrokes on the computer have us reeling in someone’s drum solo or even some lilting voice amidst a symphonic piece.

The last four digits of a phone number my friend had while growing up were 0941. On the key pad it sounded like the refrain in a Sousa piece, I believe. “Duh, nun, nun nun nuh-nuh-nuh, nunt nuh!” You know the one—it’s a famous number usually used in any racing scene in a movie or commericial. Anyway, you are, doubtlessly, trying it on your phone even as I type this to you.

One of my old passwords on the computer when finished with the ENTER key was the main bit in the Nutcracker Suite.

We are the people who sing when there is no music, who drum on the steering wheel and find every excuse to include music in our conversations.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. This is a perfectly normal response to life, and a very healthy one. Now, those people who don’t like or listen to music, that’s a cause for concern!!!

Be well and rock on,


A self-professed and some day renowned music write


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