ok radiohead

guilty as charged: this will make the third blog about radiohead, i think. forgive me. but okcomputer is an incredible work, especially “let down.” there is something about radiohead that makes me want to write in all lower case so i apologize if that’s weird. when taking okcomputer off my cd shelf, i hesitated. oh, god, have i really come to that point where i’m inconsolably down? this is not always the case and not always necessary for listening to radiohead but i worried nevertheless. sometimes, listening to sad and/or mellow music can make you feel better and bring you out of your funk.

after three days of having radiohead aboard with me in my cd sleeve, i finally gave it a play today. ooh, ooh! i have to listen to let down! i excitedly told myself as though i was going to a happy occasion. there is something, however, so melodic and beautiful that happens in that song that makes it a happy occasion.

call me crazy, but the steady bass and electronic sounds over a metered bass drum beat…well, it’s simply magical. the sound effects remind me of butterflies by the thousands being released into the golden sun. in a way, the sad song does make a happy occasion.

another great track, of course, is “karma police.” when “exit music (for a film) ” came on, however, i had to change it, exuding “too sad for a before work song, too dark!” immediately, i tuned to 92.1 fm and the achingly beautiful chorus of “black” was playing. “ahhhh,” i said, and became giddy like a kid who gets a lollipop from the bank teller. the irony made me laugh. sure, radiohead is too said but black isn’t?!

what are some of your thoughts on radiohead?

i’d love to hear them.

be well and rock on,


this track has been brought to you by Thom Yorke and Co.


2 thoughts on “ok radiohead

  1. There was a time when I listened to Radiohead frequently. I still respect them a lot and find them interesting musically, though I barely listen to them now. I like their music more when it consists of Thom Yorke’s vocals soaring over guitars and drums, as opposed to the computer blips and beeps.

  2. Rachael says:

    Yes, I agree, Brian. The experimental stuff has never been my cup of tea. Plus, they are so talented and he has such great vocal abilities it’s hard to adapt to the unusual stuff, if at all.

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