The Big Ten

No, I’m not talking about sports when I say The Big Ten. The Big Ten always changes, but there is always some consistency. On this rainy Northeastern day I decided that the following songs will always be my favorite, somewhere in my Top 100 songs of all-time, and frequently on “THE BIG TEN” list. These songs are songs that say something about me. They are tracks that speak to me, no matter what I’m going through. They are sometimes my refuge, sometimes my sing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-out-the-car-window.

They are, as it would be impossible, NOT in any order of most-preferred:

“Learnin’ to Fly” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
‘A Murder of One” The Counting Crows
‘Light Years” Pearl Jam
“Plush” The Stone Temple Pilots
“Mayonaise” The Smashing Pumpkins (yes, with only one n in the track name)
“Lateralus” Tool
“Near Wild Heaven” R.E.M.
“World Swirl” The Recipe
“Wonder” Natalie Merchant
“Tangerine” Led Zeppelin

What are some of your top songs?

Give one a listen today.

Be well and rock on,


2 thoughts on “The Big Ten

  1. Love pretty much all of those 🙂

    Had to give you my top 10:
    “Machinehead” Bush
    “The One I Love” R.E.M.
    “All Over You” Live
    “Ramble On” Zeppelin
    “Champagne” Cavo
    “Gorgeous Nightmare” Escape the Fate
    “Mr. Brownstone” GnR
    “Seven Wishes” Night Ranger
    “Hysteria” Def Leppard
    “Almost Easy” A7X

  2. I pretty much love all of those!!! I had counted on seeing R.E.M. live before they (sniff) disbanded. Document is a fabulous album. Thanks for your comments and for reading!

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