Made for Music

Oh music, you are my truest love. Why is it that I have not let you dominate my whole world lately? I owe you more than just a commute listen or dance with the vacuum cleaner.

You know what I’ve wanted to do for my whole entire life?

Perform music.
Write about music.
Interview musicians.
Write rock ‘n roll biographies.
Write for Rolling Stone.
Write and sing my songs.
Play my bass in a band.

In fact, my most ideal life wouldn’t have to include world tours or record-breaking album sales. I would be perfectly content if my life would be like The Beatles’ “Oh Bla Dee, Oh Bla Dah.”

I’ve considered naming my future daughter Molly because of that song. But I want to be the singer in the band.

Also, I still want to open my own music cafe. I think it’s important every now and again to restate these things. Sometimes, as you age, your dreams change. Sometimes life just happens to change them for you. But it’s important to hold yourself accountable for the things that you love.

I started this blog so that I might connect with other music lovers and also to continuously write about music. I had also hoped that these musical musings might lead to my music writing career.

That being said, go listen to your favorite album today. Sing like no one can hear you. Sing louder if they can.

Be well and have a great day.


P.S. I also want, very badly, to meet Pearl Jam and thank them for everything good they’ve done for me.


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