Been thinkin’ bout…Radiohead

A lot of people stay up at night, staring at their ceilings with mundane worries about tomorrow, something their boss said at work that day, and so on.  Me?  Well, I get caught up in random visitations by Radiohead.  I don’t, of course, mean that Thom Yorke and company barge into my modest, one-bedroom apartment and rouse me from slumber.  If they did, well, that would be pretty amazing, but anyway…

The other night I was lying in bed and, just as clear as if it had been playing on the stereo next to me, I heard Thom Yorke’s urging vocals singing one of my favorites (from the album, The Bends) “Been Thinkin’ About You.”  True, this song has references to sleep, the bed, and other self-explorations, but it was followed by a complete musical array of other Radiohead favorites.  Such numbers as “Anyone Can Play Guitar” and “Black Star” were among those on the set list of “Rachael-is-doped-up-on-pseudophedrine-and-regretting-her-sick-and-late-evening nap.”

As a writer, one of my biggest sins is repetition.  Too much repetition.  (Oh, shit, I did it again.  See?) And I’ll write about that in my writer’s blog “Maybe when the time is…WRITE!” But it can’t ever be said enough how fantastically talented and progressive Radiohead is.  You can check out an earlier entry of mine in this blog about them as well.

But what you should really do is listen to this track and have a most excellent and peaceful evening:

Be well and rock on,



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