I will never NOT love Tom Petty (and the Heartbreakers)

Simply put: Tom Petty has been a staple music artist in my life. While it is true that the radio bludgeoned “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” it was still a good song to boot.

How could you not love a band who risked it all, travelling from Florida to L.A. in a small van in the hopes of making it big…and then, making it big. You almost want to cheer them on two decades after their inevitable success.

So what makes Tom & Co. so irresistible? Honest, relate-able lyrics, memorable guitar, and let’s face it, Tom’s crooning lovelorn-ness (“Room at the Top of the World Tonight”)and/or his rock and roll determination. (Tracks like, “Don’t Do Me Like That” and “I Won’t Back Down.)

My favorite track is probably “Learning To Fly.” My college roommate and I even came up with a hand interpretations to part of it as we drove down Route 8 to “hippieville”(i.e. Floyd, VA) on warm spring evenings. The ingenuity of this piece makes you feel like Tom is calling you to comfort you about your lost youth. But he’s also saying that it’s okay and there’s still time to embrace it. You can still learn to fly.

I can understand that not everyone will feel the way I do about the greatness of Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers, but I’d like to think they are few and far between.

If you are a fan, what is your favorite tune?

Be well and rock on,



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