Back to Bass-ics

So you’ve already tuned into my cheesy humor, I assume. It struck me, recently, that though I rave about music, I’ve never talked about the bass guitar specifically.

Most musicians are multi-talented when it comes to playing music. Pianists sing, write music, pick up the guitar…with the rise of technology and Guitar Hero, the bass seems to be left out!

Some music fans will tap out the drum beats or hum the guitar solo. For me, it has always been the bass line that draws me in. I do sing and write lyrics and for that reason, I bought an acoustic guitar. I cannot sing and play bass simultaneously (at least not yet!) Kudos to Paul McCartney for being so multi-talented, especially as a lefty.
I, too, am of the right-brained ilk, yet I taught myself to play righty for ease and cost-effectiveness.

It’s been said that once you play guitar, bass is easy. I think that it’s recommended. My bass training makes a guitar seem like an entirely different animal.
Though I have a small hand-span, I’ve developed a five, almost six bass-fret reach. To crunch my fingers down into a tiny A minor chord is an unnatural thing.
But I digress. Why the bass? Sometimes our preferences cannot be explained.

For me, the bass moves everything. It’s the rhythm of your feet hitting the pavement as you walk to your lunch date. It’s the sound you hear in your head when the monotonous checkout beeps become something more. At least, sometimes they do, for me. Almost anything tags into a song for me.
Give me a word and I’ll give you a song. (And that sentence closely resembles Collective Soul’s “Shine,” doesn’t it?)

When I first got my bass, I laid beneath the Christmas tree and put my ear to it, just to hear the low vibrations. (We were a bit poor so the amp came later!) It was in the “low-end” that my music dreams began.

Some bands that have some kicking bass lines?

(old) Metallica
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Third Eye Blind
Jane’s Addiction
Rush (of course.)
Pearl Jam
Sunny Day Real Estate
A Perfect Circle
The Replacements
The Smashing Pumpkins (Can’t say that D’arcy didn’t have something to do with my decision to play)
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
Toad the Wet Sprocket

And there are sooooo many more. I kept wanting to put exclamation points by all of those selections. They can never be, of course, in any order of preference!!!

And this is definitely not the last post about the wonders of the bass guitar…

I’ll close with one of my favorite bass lines, courtesy of Third Eye Blind:

And a favorite from Radiohead, too:

Be well and rock on,



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