“Sing me a real song…sing me a real, real soooong…”

Well, the subject line comes from Mother Love Bone. In my opinion, one of the greatest but sadly, short-lived bands of the early 90s. What I really wanted to talk about was songs that are like friends. You know what I mean. There’s one artist to whom you, while at a stoplight, say, “That’s damn right!” Or “Sing it to me, Paul.” Or, “I understand, Thom Yorke.”

For me, this is usually…Paul Westerberg. Yep. I bet you swore your piggy bank savings I’d say Eddie Vedder. Eddie has healed me, defined my life, etc. But whenever I’m in a funk, or just feel like some raw, good old-fashioned truth-telling, it’s to Mr. Westerberg that I turn. My induction to the Replacements was actually MORE than a decade after I was taken with Paul Westerberg. I fell in love with his solo stuff first, and it is, though I love the Replacements, my favorite.

Whenever he’s in the car next to me, I feel like there’s a friend there, telling me all about his bad day or crazy musings. I know it sounds corny but lately the lyrics have been speaking great volumes to me. Perhaps it is time to join the land of the living more. It always happens like this. I go through phases were all I do is write, work, read for school and sleep. Sometimes I can’t even keep my house clean. I forget what people’s voices sound like. But Paul brought me out of that this week and I actually went to see a good friend who served me a cup of tea. In my “I have to do it all myself” world, that was hella nice. (Thanks, Jenny.) Or maybe it’s when Amy says she’s working on a new work of fiction.

And I think, wow, that’s great. And damn, I miss fiction. But what I need to do more is create the chapbook. It is here where I stumble when I’m “achin’ to be.” Now that I’ve put my poet pants back on (with a lot of help from my creative community) I think, busy as I am, that I should write a poem a week at least. I can do more than that, but I want to let it sit, edit it, and make it good. Keep me honest. And, enjoy some Paul Westerberg on the house. I hear he’s looking for some new friends, too…

And a song, that I LOVE, written and recorded while there was, in fact, a frozen pizza in the oven…on a Friday night…
But this is the live version. Go buy Besterberg, the best of Paul Westerberg to hear the original…

And, if you’re feeling down, Paul understands. “Just add water I’m disappointed.”

But I hope you’re not disappointed tonight.
Be well, rock on, and cherish every moment,



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