Music is everything

It goes without saying that music is everything, especially to those who are so passionate about music they can’t help but write about it, talk about it, obsess over it…it’s the fire that fuels us: MUSIC IS LIFE.

This morning, with one week to a final draft of an M.F.A. paper and a messy house (because of the M.F.A. paper) I decided to clean house. Or efficiency, I guess, would be the more appropriate term. Maybe there are some of you out there who are like me: I can’t function in chaos. I get distracted from my studies if the dishes aren’t done. If my CDs are strewn across the one room I rent, my head is in a state of disarray (I can’t hear that word without thinking of “Plush” (“these are the eyes of dissarray…would you even care?”-STP). Maybe I do have a touch of OCD. For me, housecleaning puts things in order in my head. Done with music (would you really want to do it without music?!) it not only puts things in order, but is, to me, a spiritual awakening.

I find the best way out of a funk (and I’ve been in a great big funk lately) is to pop on any of my three Pearl Jam concert CDs and pick up the duster, the vacuum, the Windex…

As I was cleaning the stove reflectors, the 2010 live version of “Black” came on. There is nothing to compare with a live version of “Black.” Sure, we may have all fallen in love with the studio cut, but most of the time, live music surpasses any greatness that can be accomplished in the studio. It’s more raw, soulful, and engaging. In the live versions, Eddie tends to hold the “be” in this verse: “all that I am, all that I will beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” (he’s held that sometimes for almost a minute) ending with a raspy and breathless, “yeah-eh-eh heah. Uh-huh.” During this interval of time it is impossible for me not to get goosebumps racing up my arms. When they start trailing up my flesh, they bring a great rush of adrenaline with them that usually pushes salt water to the rims of my eye sockets. But I’m not sad. I’m so alive (not a Pearl Jam pun :)) with music that I have to share my musings.

So I ran to you, my few and devout readers (thank you) to share this, and I’m sure you’ll understand. Music isn’t just sound. Music is better than love, (it is love) it’s better than sex (yeah, I said it!), better than any feeling in this world, and maybe even the next. It does not play our emotions; it IS our emotions.

From tapping on the outside of your car door at a stoplight, to steering wheel drumming, shower-singing, crowd-bouncing, self-forgotten dancing, singing aloud at the gym, but not meaning to…it’s everything. So, if you’re feeling dejected, alone, forgotten, stressed out, pissed off, happy, joyful,…you get the point. You’re never alone if you have music.

Go put on your favorite album and really let it take you in. Also, tell me what band or song that really fuels your fire…the one that can bring you back from anything.

Be well, rock on and many blessings,


This is the song and version I’m referring to. But the sound isn’t so great as it was an upload, probably from a phone. Even so…


2 thoughts on “Music is everything

  1. Absolutely true. I always say the one thing they can never take away from me is music. Once it’s out there, it belongs to you. Love this post, as always!

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