Rain, reigning o’er me…

Tonight, as I was trying to work on my research paper, the rain outside my window distracted me. It wasn’t an easy week; one of those where you drop stuff, trip, stumble, the pause button annihilates your syntax, you spill stuff down your shirt (twice in the same day), you wonder if you’re ever going to find that incredible person and get down about it (see also “Down About It” by the Lemonheads) taking so long, your checkbook is out of balance, your life is on hold, you’d rather be in the Blue Ridge Mountains but can’t quite budge yet, you have no idea what your next move is, work is frustrating…Well, you get the point.

Thankfully, I have one or two things to look forward to this week and next, but nevertheless, hearing and smelling the rain transported me directly to my musical world of escape. My mom used to drive around the neighborhood looking for me when I used to get caught in a rainstorm. She’d come looking for me, of course, but I always waved her on. Tonight, as I heard the rain pick up, I also heard Eddie in my head, (though I know it was a Who original) singing “Love, Reign O’er Me.”

(Pete’s theme)
Only love
Can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love
Can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers
Laying in the fields.

Love, Reign o’er me
Love, Reign o’er me, rain on me

Only love
Can bring the rain
That makes you yearn to the sky
Only love
Can bring the rain
That falls like tears from on high

Love Reign O’er me

On the dry and dusty road
The nights we spend apart alone
I need to get back home to cool cool rain
I can’t sleep and I lay and I think
The night is hot and black as ink
Oh God, I need a drink of cool cool rain

Yes, Pete, yes, Eddie. I need a drink of cool, cool rain. And that cool, cool rain that reigns over me is your voice, your words, your spirit, your passion.

The first time I heard Pearl Jam’s version, Jeremy (brother) was watching the credits for “Reign Over Me” and yelled, “Hey, sis! Is this Eddie? This is Eddie, isn’t it?” I must admit that while re-makes never turn out better, for a long time (and maybe even still) I favor Eddie’s version. The way he wails, “LO-OVE!” makes every hoppy, testosterone-infused part of my female body stand at attention and want to scream “hell yes!” in return. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a dude, but sometimes I think I appreciate rock like a guy does. I’m not keen on jumping into pits and “destroying,” so to speak. But there’s something primal about hearing a deep wail, moan, scream, powerful declaration, all of the above, that calls your entire being into action. For women who adore male musicians, there’s definitely an element of attraction that fuses together with the appreciation for the music and the energy it creates. It reigns completely over your being. Robert Plant can be quoted with saying, “Sweet music, what you do to us!” I agree, Mr. Plant.

So, yeah, love, I love to walk in the rain, so why don’t you reign o’er me? You’d have a good partnership with music if you did.

Casting the umbrella aside,



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