In punk rock, you can “Say Anything.”

Though I’ve been a Bouncing Souls fan for about seven years now, my first chance to see them was Friday, April 1st at a cozy venue called Eleanor Rigby’s ( in Jermyn, PA. It was my first punk show and I had a fantastic time.

The writer in me couldn’t help but people-watch, especially the angry-looking dude with the Elmer’s Glue spiked mo-hawk. His spikes had to be about six inches off his head! I wondered what he’d do if I told him he was adorable. Probably punch me in the face. 🙂 But he was a little less staid, of course, when the Bouncing Souls came on. By the time the Bouncing Souls played, it was so sweaty that his mohawk had drooped considerably during the show, making for a half-hawk that took away a bit of his fierceness.

I was outside what is called a “circle pit” but felt only a few blasts and only got my toes stomped once. I still need to re-polish my boots. At one point, I went airborne. I was trying to do my whole mosh/bounce-dance and the energy from a nearby circle-pit gave me air for a moment. My friend, Brian, was a pretty good defense against the insane energy beside us. A boy, about 12, must have picked up on this because, for the latter part of the show he used Brian as his body shield. It was pretty much adorable. The boy and his other young friends were buzzed, singing the lyrics into each other’s faces and looking like toddlers on Christmas morning. It might have been their first show ever.

They reminded me of my first show with Susan. The Offspring and Quicksand ON A SCHOOL NIGHT in seventh grade. We thought we were so cool dancing on the bleachers. The coolest part of that night, though, was Mom’s presence and support of our musical passions.

I’m going to cheat a little and tell you to check out Brian’s post about the Bouncing Souls because he puts it so well…

But I will say my Bouncing Souls highlights were singing/hearing:
Fight to Live
True Believers
Hopeless Romantic
That Song (the one that repeats “I put the needle on the record and I played that song again.”)
The Something Special

It certainly was a special evening, commemorated with an ice-cold PBR in the punk-rock way.

What I’d like to talk about is how the Menzingers totally rule and how you should check them out if you can. They are natives of the Scranton area and just got signed with a good label.

You should definitely give them a listen.

Be well and “punk rock” on,


P.S. The author of this post would like to assure you that she remains true to her grunge-rock roots, but has found a new genre to love in addition to her rock roots, and hopes, in no way, did she sound like a punk-rock poser in the above posting.

Bonus listen:


3 thoughts on “In punk rock, you can “Say Anything.”

  1. You came off like you knew what you were talking about. It’s funny that you talked about grunge rock roots, I was just talking about that the other day. I was struggling with writer’s block, as usual, and I went out of my comfort zone with NOFX and ended up with a whole different tone in my writing.

    I know I said this before, but I really do love this blog. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks a lot, Patricia!!! It’s good to hear.

  3. […] In punk rock, you can “Say Anything.” ( […]

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