An excess of INXS? Not possible.

In the wake of Snakes’ passing, I’ve been drowning myself in music. Saturday morning, February 19, I e-filed my taxes while she lie there, taking in shallow breaths and listening to Springsteen’s Born to Run spin on the turntable. I think the last song she ever heard was either “Backstreets” or “Jungleland.” (From Jungleland: “Desperate as the night moves on, just a look and a whisper, and they’re gone.” More lyrics: I roused her to feed and water her and she let out three long gasps and passed. I won’t dwell on what followed.

After a few horribly painful days, I decided that, once I returned to my quiet and empty apartment, music must be present in all times and situations except when I sleep. Even then, I listen to the waterfall sounds of my “Gentle Giraffe” animal. I miss the purring. She used to purr me to sleep.

My friend Stephanie and I bonded over INXS and recently I told her we must compile the “Ultimate INXS” mix. I did just that this morning. I made only two mistakes. I separated “Need You Tonight” and “Mediate.” Those songs blend together. But it’s okay. It’s a forgivable blip. The other thing I wish I would have done is put “What You Need” on there right after “Need You Tonight.” It would have added a bit more poetry. But it’s okay. The mix is great. It is as follows:

New Sensation (a great getting out of work song)
Tiny Daggers
Devil Inside
Need You Tonight
Taste it
Baby Don’t Cry
Bitter Tears
Never Tear Us Apart
By My Side (Snakes’ song)
Heaven Sent
On My Way (a great road trip song)
Hear that Sound (a must have with a great reprise)
Not Enough Time (there never is? Is there?)
Mediate (how about a fabulous song employing a lot of Latinate words in poetic form?)
Beautiful Girl (and Steph and Snakes song)

It’s a damn shame that Michael Hutchence had to pass. He died of Auto-erotic asphyxiation. INXS was a band that pushed the borders of erotic, romantic tunes to a groovy beat. They were an extremely progressive band for their time. In the height of their career in the 80s, they broke boundaries and left their mark on the prog-pop genre. Tell me you don’t tap your foot when you hear Need You Tonight. Pick up an album and tell me they’re not What You Need.

For more on INXS, go here:

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but even in my mourning I found myself dancing around the bathroom during “Hear That Sound” this morning. Lots of songs have been created in tribute to the wonderful, healing force that music is. This one can’t be topped. It even has a reprise.

Be well, rock on and kiss your kitties,



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