Holy…Pearl Jam manager?

Well, I know I haven’t blogged in while and this won’t be too in-depth. I believe in serendipity. My memoir was infused with my passionate love for music and contained exposition on how Eddie was my defining male role model growing up. My outside reader happened to be in Seattle at the time she was reading my manuscript. She was at a cafe, and in the city, visiting her boyfriend. While she pored over my musical language (she said writing about music was a strength of mine–yay!) she was sitting adjacent to PEARL JAM’S MANAGER. “Hey listen to this,” she told the manager. “Pearl Jam has defined the writer of this memoir I’m reading.” And she read an excerpt. FROM MY STORY.

In essence, I was only two people away from Pearl Jam in that moment. And while no giant book contract came of it (yet), it sprouted a billion ideas and possibilities inside me, right next to that beautiful and dangerous tree called Hope. I’d write more, but I have to get back to writing a new book proposal….

Believe in your dreams. It might sound trite and over-said, but there is so much truth to faith.

Be well and rock on,



One thought on “Holy…Pearl Jam manager?

  1. Rachael, that is SO COOL!!!!!

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