Dancing with David Bowie

Recently, I got two David Bowie LPs for a Christmas gift. (Thank you, Steph.) If you have never appreciated David Bowie, stop reading this and go get an album now. I recommend CHANGESONEBOWIE on LP, if at all possible. It’s a compilation of great hits including the haunting “Space Oddity”, everyone’s favorite “Rebel, Rebel.” Yeah, you know you shake your hips when it comes on, don’t lie. And other great grooves like “Young Americans” and “Changes” and “Fame.”

Another Bowie must have is “Let’s Dance,” even if you only purchase the title track. I recommend, however, you purchase the 1995 re-release with the classic bonus track “Under Pressure.” David Bowie AND Queen? How could it get better? This hit was #1 in the UK the day I was born and I must say I’m pleased to know this.

Movie note: You should see Labyrinth. This is the kind of Henson brilliance that you must view before you die. First, David Bowie’s 80s fashion makes it all worth it (yes, even the white spandex.) Second, he does most of the music for the flick. Third, (as if I haven’t already convinced you to go rent this already) it’s produced by Jim Henson. This is the type of cult-classic that will have you saying, “Oh yes, like the Labyrinth.” Someone may say, “I’ve never seen it.” It’s okay to be aghast. The natural reaction is to respond with a sharp, wheezy inhale and an exclamatory, “YOU’VE NEVER SEEN LABYRINTH?!” Go ahead, pass on the love. But before you do, make sure you have some Bowie LPs on hand.

David Bowie is one of those artists that makes you stop and say, “Wow, I’ve always loved him.”
One thing that will not change, Mr. Bowie, and that is simply that you will always rock out. I’d go on but it’s time to put on my red shoes…and dance.