When life gives you lemons, listen to the Lemonheads

The bad day happens. Your boss is being unreasonable, your car needs major repairs, you miss someone, your vacation just can’t come soon enough…

I met up with an old friend last week and found myself immersed in a sea of music note-taking. “This is the new Deftones? Holy crap, this part reminds me of Sunny Day Real Estate!” These observations undoubtedly led to a riveting recollection of older favorites.

Occasionally, I need to remind people of the brilliance of the Lemonheads. I heard “It’s About Time” by them recently and it made me stop and marvel. The marriage of harmony in Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield’s voices is magnetic. “It’s a Shame About Ray” came out almost 20 years ago. I heard an online radio station refer to my era of alternative rock as “classic alternative.” This made me woeful. Am I getting old?! It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 odd years (and they have been odd, of that you can be sure) since SUB POP exploded out of the underground.

The SUB-POP spray was refreshing, much like hearing Dando’s crooning baritone and Hatfield’s golden harmonies. What else can I say but: When life gives you lemons, listen to the Lemonheads!

Tracks to dig:
It’s a Shame About Ray
Alison’s Starting to Happen
Into Your Arms
Paid to Smile (this is a MUST have)

Keep on rockin’ in the (supposedly) free world…



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