Jack White

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook: “Jack White saved rock and roll.” I have to agree. I didn’t really listen to any of his work until a friend referred me to the DVD “It Might Get Loud.” If you like rock and roll at all do yourself a favor and watch this! Since then, I have created a Jack White radio station on my Pandora. This action has led me to many new and awesome music discoveries such as:

The Black Keys (though a guy I dated once raved about them.)
Cage the Elephant
The Raconteurs
The White Stripes (of course)

and some really awesome bluesy guitarists like:
Brooks Williams
Leo Kottke

I will admit that when the White Stripes debuted I didn’t really listen to them. They kept playing the same song over and over again and I couldn’t really appreciate them until I eased my way in from this Jack White radio station. I have to say that it took all of five minutes to win me over. He has such a varied and diverse style but you can always feel the passion and strength in his vocals and lyrics.

I highly recommend you check out the artists mentioned above if you haven’t already. Then, let me know what you think, here!

Be well and rock on,



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