Step into the Soundgarden and become an Audioslave…

A few friends and I went out for my friend’s birthday Saturday and I kept cataloging the playlists as usual. I would never have pictured myself feeling at home at Lucky’s Sport House but usually the music is pretty good and the atmosphere is surprisingly low-key. (The clumsy girl reiterates that music is still her favorite sport.) Saturday was the second time we’d heard “Outshined’ by Soundgarden in two weeks. I love that song. There’s something about the dark bass line and the bright guitar harmonics…and then you have that high, treble wail from Cornell before his mainstream Audioslave days. I got into a (not-unpleasant) disagreement with one of her friends about Soundgarden vs. Audioslave. My loyalties lie with the former, of course. I just don’t understand how you can take angry and driven Rage and heavy and meaningful Soundgarden and have it be so…meh. The nuances of Cornell’s voice are still there but it just doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t seems as driven or meaningful as Louder than Love and BadMotorFinger. It’s still Cornell but…(sigh.)

While we’re on the subject of Chris Cornell–“Seasons” from the Singles soundtrack…umm, how about amazing?! And his first solo effort “Euphoria Morning” was equally as golden. I was not, however, a fan of his second solo album “Carry On.” The only exception to that statement is his positively haunting and awesome rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.” This track alone makes the whole “just okay” album shine. But then, this album was done mid-Audioslave. And don’t get me wrong–I’m not trying to rip on Audioslave. They were okay. They just aren’t the grunge guitar, driving bass line, awesome stomp-and-wail of Soundgarden that I prefer. Audioslave will always be outshined by the true spirit of Soundgarden.

Soundgarden is going to get back together, I hear. I wondered, however, what might shape up since Matt Cameron is so perfect in Pearl Jam right now and currently overseas on tour. I suggest a doubled-up reunion tour with Temple of the Dog seasoned in. Cameron is awesome enough to be on double drumming duty, right? I see you shaking your head. Good job.

Now if only Pearl Jam would come back to the states to share live Backspacer goodness with us. I await the moment with patience waning and credit card in hand.


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