I want a strawberry swing

I stand corrected. I thought I wasn’t into newer Coldplay but I was wrong. Today, I heard “Strawberry Swing” on my Pandora and I feel strongly persuaded to build up my collection from A Rush of Blood to the Head and on…The first time I was introduced to Coldplay was at an HFMAS Christmas concert in DC. Most of the bands there were Pop/Punk and I was not a fan of New Found Glory AT ALL. I did, however, get to see James Brown perform. It brought me back to the days of sitting on the bus in kindergarten dancing in my seat to “I Feel Good.” By the end of the show my friends and I were pretty worn out until the last band, Coldplay, came out. By the time they had gotten to the first chorus of “Politik” I was sold: on my feet and rockin’ out.

It’s good to know they can still rock it out. My apologies for thinking otherwise.


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