reelin’ to the radio…

Life lives in a mix tape. I finally brought my two-gallon Rubbermaid tub o’ mix tape goodness to my apartment from its previous dormant state at my mother’s house. I’m listening to an old radio mix with Casey Kasem as the main narrator. Every Sunday I waited to hear the good stuff on the epic countdown. This was the year of U2’s “Staring at the Sun” the Verve Pipe’s “Freshmen” and Sublime’s “Santeria.” Shamefully, there is some, um, Hanson on there. But I willfully admit this because after reading Rob Sheffield’s Love is a Mix Tape I discovered I was not the only one who owns this radio dub on cassette.
Whether or not these selections are still catalogued as “good” in our mind’s library they undoubtedly take us back. For me, this particular cassette spans three different radio stations and two different states. Virginia, and one summer visit to PA when I was in high school. I thought Pennsylvania must be awesome because this radio station (the old 97 ROCKS) was tops in my mind. This was the summer I fell in love with Billy Corgan’s successful cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.”
Some may argue that cassettes are obsolete. I personally love records, tapes, CDs…nothing will take the place of album art. While I find the iPod convenient, it will never trump the 1985 black Sony cassette Walkman. One tape reel holds an entire era of my adolescence. Go dig a memory out of your closet. Just press play.


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